Thursday, July 8, 2010

Big Burger!

Today was a great day! We woke up late as usual since we have enjoyed our sleep lately (: then i had a voicemail from an America First Credit Union guy who wanted to interview me! The interview went great now i just have to wait for the manager at the actual branch to call and EVERYONE cross your fingers and toes that he does! Then when we were done Kevin and I went and got a few more things to help us finish decorating our cute apartment we are almost done its great! Then we went to a restaurant called Porters Place in Lehi. Wow was that an experience and a half...Kevin's boss told us that we had to try it sometime so since we were out we did. Kevin and i both got an ironport which is a 32 oz drink (i dont suggest it, it was kind of gross to me) Then Kevin got a burger called the Destroying Angel...this is a 1 lb burger...GROSS! and he was determined to finish his whole plate- burger, potato, and beans. And let me tell you something...I got SICK just watching him eat this giant thing i dont even know if you could call it a burger it was sooo gross. I could only eat a little bit of my chicken wow. So he started into this thing and it was so big that he had to cut it with a knife to eat it. Wow it was interesting but all in all he finished the whole plate...the last two potato wedges were the hardest part for him, now these arent just regular potato wedges this is a potato cut into 4 slices and deep fried so they were big! But he did it! The whole plate! He says he feels like a man and that he has a sense of accomplishment! Well i say good for him! Below i will post a few pictures of what he ate and after he finished. (he has been sick ever since) Then we came home a rested since he could barely move! It was great! Well that was today!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 2nd and 3rd

We went boating on July 2nd and 3rd. It was way fun! we went up to pineview reservoir with Kody and his parents. It was awesome, Kevin wake boarded for the first time and he did way good he stayed up forever. We got to sleep on the lake which was interesting since Kevins allergies kept acting up and I may have possibly thought that vampires were coming out of the water. And then we boated all day saturday and I got burnt to a crisp I literally look like I have a bikini on with out having one on, it hurts to sit and type this (: We had a BBQ with chicken and hot dogs, they were good. We went tubbing (well I tried and got hurt) and we went swimming, it was so-o cold I jumped in and jumped right back out! Kody and his dad bowfished (GROSS) and they killed 2 fish haha. We just laughed and had a way good time.

After we drove home we went to a BBQ with my family since its the 4th of July weekend. We had steak and fruit well I just had fruit Kevin ate my steak. While we were there my niece actually called me Annie. I was shocked, I turned to my sister and was like what did she just call me?! She just started calling me Annie yesterday its always been Annya since she is two. It was cute and heartbreaking all at the same time haha. Then we came home and passed out from our 2 very long days! But we had a great weekend!

Our 1st Post

Hey everyone! We have decided to start a blog for the Annie and Kevin Kundis family. Mostly because we dont live by our families! This should hopefully keep you all updated with the things going on in both of our lives!

We have now been married for a month! We got married on June 5, 2010 in the Bountiful Utah Temple. It was the best day of our lives! We went to Las Vegas for our honeymoon it was so much fun! We are currently in Provo, Utah just enjoying life. Kevin is at BYU and I will start UVU in the fall. We love spending time together all the time and being with our families when we can.

So please read our blogs, I will update the blog as often as possible!